About Pawgevity™

Raw, Organic food for Dogs and Cats

Quality Ingredients From Farm to Bowl

Pawgevity is involved in the food we make! We personally visit each farm, ensuring that they produce the quality ingredients your pets deserve. We know our farmers and they know their animals, they are like minded people who appreciate our mission. And our commitment doesn’t stop there, we are involved with every aspect of food production from the farm to the packaging to the delivery to your favorite local retailer.

Planet Friendly

Pawgevity is conscientious. We partner with local, sustainable farms in the Commonwealth of Virginia that are chemical free and dedicated to enriching the earth and providing healthy food to the community. Their animals are raised humanely, in a pasture environment, without antibiotics, added growth hormones or medicated feeds.
We only use produce that is certified organic. Our produce trimmings are composted, our packaging is reusable and recyclable, our delivery containers are re-used and we employ local services. We genuinely care!

Safe and Fit to Eat – and that is the Raw Truth!

Our holistic farm to bowl approach to human grade, real and raw unprocessed food ensures that what you are feeding to your best friends is safe and healthy. Our food is safe, healthful, local – and your pets will love it!

We Care About Your Friends

We have done our homework! You can trust that we know what foods are good for your cats and dogs. We have painstakingly formulated and proportioned the ingredients of our foods to provide balanced healthy nutrition for your pets. Our founder has years of animal nutrition research experience and is a Certified Veterinary Assistant who has worked closely with hundreds of animals over the last decade.

We believe what you feed your pets shouldn’t be a mystery.