We Celebrate Earth Day – Every Day – at Pawgevity

At Pawgevity, we make a conscious effort daily to lower our impact on the planet while producing and getting our foods to you. This is not a marketing ploy. It’s what we personally believe in. Here’s some of how we do it.

We source ALL of our ingredients locally and directly from small farms here in Virginia. Ingredients aren’t being trucked from across country or even other countries, across sea and land.

Our farms are certified organic and beyond organic; not industrialized, factory farms. Farms that raise their animals naturally on pasture; not GMO feeds, in crowded and inhumane conditions. Farms that grow their crops organically, without the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Clean, green, sustainable farms.

Butterflies grazing on natural, no spray gardens

Zero waste in production. Our produce trimmings are turned into clean compost, which in turn nurtures a next generation of produce. All animal parts that we can’t use, either due to regulations or choice, go to rendering (ironically, some may end up in lesser pet foods. At least we know THAT ingredient is safe.)

We don’t “overmanufacture”. Our production runs are relatively small and we run lean – meaning we don’t have a lot of inventory sitting in freezer for a long period of time before it gets out to the stores. Fresher/faster and less electricity used storing it.

We consolidate our deliveries. We deliver every two weeks, not every week, and plan our delivery routes carefully to minimize gas expenditure.

We reuse our delivery totes. Over and over and over again, indefinitely – they don’t end up in landfills. No cardboard boxes.

Our food containers are reusable (for home use) and recyclable. We encourage reuse of them prior to recycling and are even holding a contest through midnight EST on 4/29/12 asking our customers to post on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail with their creative reuse ideas (photos, if possible). When recycled, they’re being made into all kinds of great products, by companies like Preserve that produce plates, toothbrushes and more.

Minimal waste in consumption. Because our foods are highly bioavailable, there is very little “waste” from the “end” consumer. Good food in = less “poop”.

Our offices are run clean and lean – we use natural sunlight as much as possible for heating and light and CFL bulbs when we need to supplement our lighting. Opening our windows provides fresh air and a cooling effect as needed. We are planning indoor plantings to naturally clean the air further. Environmentally friendly cleaners are employed. Our printed material is done on recycled content paper, approved by FSC.

We’re constantly striving to do better for you and for the generations that follow us. Earth Day, every day.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Erin Go Bark!

McMindy and O’Junior would like to wish everyone a happy St. Pawdy’s Day.

“May your bed stay warm, your bowl stay full, and may you live a long and healthy life.”

McMindy & O'Junior love St. Pawdy's Day

McMindy & O’Junior love St. Pawdy’s Day

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Super Good Super Food for the Super Bowl* (*especially for your pets!)


Super Good!

Super Good!

Try this tantalizing treat for your cats and dogs – it’s easy and they’ll love you for it!

Cassie oversniffing the proceedings.

Cassie oversniffing the proceedings


*especially for your pets!


1 can wild Alaskan salmon

1 organic egg (local, pastured?  Even better!)

1 TBSP organic mayo

bunch organic parsley

organic sweet bell pepper

raw almond slices (or pumpkin seeds)


  • Drain canned salmon.  Keep “juice” in a glass jar – you can use a little at a time as a meal enhancer later.
  • Stir salmon, egg, and mayo together in a medium bowl.  Use yolk and egg white (forget all that noise about avidin and biotin – foxes, wolves, and the big cats aren’t separating theirs, right!?)

    Salmon, egg, mayo mix.

    Salmon, egg, mayo mix.

  • Place chopped parsley on dish.
  • Form salmon mixture into a football shape and place on “field” of parsley.
  • Cut part of bell pepper into thin strips and form into “seam” of football.
  • Finely chop almonds and throw on as “dirt”.
  • Serve as a snack or meal. (refrigerate what isn’t served)
  • The parsley will help with fish breath.

Copyright Pawgevity, 2013







Super Good!
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Healthy Grain Free Holiday Cat and Dog Treats

Making holiday cookies and looking for a recipe for grain free, healthy cat and dog treats that your companions will love?  These are easy, fun, fast  – and pooch and feline tested!

Pawgevity Junior and Mindy's HoHoHo Balls

A healthy, grain free treat for cats and dogs.

Pawgevity Junior and Mindy's HoHoHoBalls

Told you it was easy!

Hint:  put the almond butter in the freezer for a little bit before making – the balls will form easier.

Enjoy and happy holidays!



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How to Join Our Local Buyers’ Club

Pawgevity Frozen Formulas and Chewz

Pawgevity Frozen Formulas and Chewz

We’re pleased to announce our new “Pawgevity Pick Up” service for our local customers.  Here’s how you do it.

1.  Place your order by e-mailing [email protected] – we will need your name, phone number, what you’re ordering, and when you’ll be picking up.  You can also call your order in to 540.364.3676.  Please note:  we will generally need 24 hours notice. 

2.  You will receive confirmation, payment total, and directions to our homequarters.

3.  Your order will be marked and waiting your arrival.  All pick ups are COD – cash or check.  If you’d like to charge to your credit card, we’ll collect that info over the phone prior to pick up.

We have frozen inventory as well as our dehydrated Chewz treats on hand so call in your order today.

Frozen Formulas are $6.75/lb tub.

Chewz treats are $6.50/bag.

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“Why Gourmet Food is Going to the Dogs”

Advocates of the growing raw food movement are preparing artisanal dishes for pets.  Pawgevity featured on CBS Sunday Morning.  Watch the video here.

CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Rita Braver prepares to interview Margaret Bishop of Marshall, Virginia

Watch the video here.

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Marshall Pet Food Maker Featured on National TV

Thank you to our local Fauquier Now for sharing the news!

Marshall Pet Food Maker Featured on National TV

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Pawgevity Thanks You

“If I’ve done my best, I’ve done all I can”.

In April 2009, we launched our dream – Chow Now Pet Food – with the goal of changing the way the world feeds their pets. This has been a very personal and all consuming quest.   The seed of thought germinated way back in 2001 and finally came to fruition – bringing the highest quality, most ethical food for cats and dogs to the marketplace. Be the best or go home, or something like that.  And you embraced us.  Last year, we caught the “attention” of a major corporation that happens to make pet food and were “encouraged” to change our name to Pawgevity – Food for Pets.

There is no easy way to say this.  Due to recent substantial increases in our production costs, we have come to a crossroads.  In order to be sustainable, our only choice would be to lower our ingredient costs – which would mean lowering our standards.  We knew we couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do this, but nevertheless it has been a gut wrenching, heart wrenching decision.

We didn’t give in.  And we haven’t given up.  Pawgevity as you know it is shutting down production.  The current inventory in retail stores is the last of our products.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re deeply sorry for all of our loyal customers out there.  It really breaks our heart.

Over the past three years we’ve met hundreds, thousands of wonderful people and many of your furry family members.  We’ve given to animal charitable organizations, even when we’ve had little to give.  We’ve heard from you that Pawgevity has changed the lives of your animals, and restored their health and these stories have made all the difference.

We would like to thank you all personally.  All of the independent retailers who believed in us, supported us, and made space in your freezers and on your shelves for a little upstart of a company.  Our many customers and supporters – many of you told us you would never have considered raw – you also believed in us and were willing to try something new if it meant improving the lives of your cats and dogs.  Our production team – without you, there wouldn’t have been a Chow Now or Pawgevity.  Our design and consulting teams – you gave us our look and feel. Our family and friends that have contributed in so many ways – volunteering your time, expertise, lending an ear, forgiving us for missing so many life events, and talking up Pawgevity to anyone and everyone, at every opportunity. And, especially, Norman – without whom none of this would have ever happened – thank you from all of the animals!

Thank you all for contributing to the Pawgevity real raw revolution.

We’re not saying goodbye.  We’re saying see you later.  We’ll be maintaining our presence on the web and continuing our community.  We’ll be assessing where to go from here.  And we’ll keep you up to date along the way.  Pawgevity Unleashed!

“The only constant is change”. – Heraclitus


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The Pooches Pick Peanuts, Potatoes, and Pumpkins. Chihuahuas on the Farm.

Glorious fall days call for hiking, pumpkin picking, apple cider drinking, and taking big gulps of fresh, cool air.  Searching for that perfect spot – close to metro D.C. – that you can bring your dog and enjoy a day outdoors?  We’ve found it for you.

Autumnal display at Hollin Farms

Welcome to Hollin Farms in Delaplane, Virginia.  We’ve enjoyed visiting the Davenports’ farm for many years now – each year brings new crops, the view is exceptional, and you know how we love our family farms!  This particular trip we were on a mission for the great pumpkin.  We decided to bring Junior and Mindy with us for some exercise and socialization.  The pumpkin patch is dog friendly, but please use good canine etiquette – keep on a short leash, avoid allowing your dog to pee or poop where people will be picking,  and clean up after they go in more appropriate spots.  “The Beast” and “BooBoo” surprised us with their perfect canine manners and even served as model adoption ambassadors when people asked about them.

We were thrilled to find out that not only was there an abundant crop of pumpkins but peanuts and potatoes were ripe for the digging.  That’s right, “dig your own”!  Families were enjoying teaching their little ones that peanuts grow underground and the little ones were enjoying getting dirty.

Unearthing peanuts

Mindy included.

Mindy learning to pick peanuts

Found ’em!

Peanuts don’t come fresher than this!

Next, we were off to the potato patch.

Junior and Mindy leading the way

Look, ma, I caught one!

As if that weren’t enough, there are huge plots of all kinds of greens – bok choy, collards, kale, arugula – and daikon radishes and turnips and other yummy edibles. There are even some colorful zinnias for picking.

Field of greens

You’re encouraged to cut from above ground – leaving the roots intact allow the plants to continue to grow. After filling several bags, we were off to the pumpkin patch.

The ultimate pumpkin patch

By this time, Junior was exhausted. He tried to talk us into the first pumpkin he came upon.

Junior’s pumpkin

A fun day was had by all. And today we’re trying our hand at boiled peanuts! We’ll let you know how they turn out.

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Frankenweenie – Is it a Movie for Dog and Cat Lovers?

Frankenweenie – just another boy and his dog movie?  Not really.  Not when it’s from the hands and mind of creative genius Tim Burton.  His latest eagerly anticipated B&W 3-D animated film opens today in theaters, just in time for what has now become the month of Halloween.  We love Tim Burton.  The movie?  Read on.

Four of us attended a preview screening, shown in its best possible scenario –  on a gargantuan screen with full surround sound (OK, there wasn’t wine but beggars can’t be choosy).   As a long time fan of Tim Burton’s slightly twisted and unique style of story telling,  I was especially excited to get a sneak peek.

The opening scene doesn’t disappoint.  Harking back to the days of shooting and editing film before everything became digitized was a really nice touch. Combined with being filmed in black and white, it had beautiful visual appeal.

From there on, though, something went just a little flat.  There were cool references to horror classics and the original Frankenstein – the boy is Victor, the dog’s name is Sparky, another character’s name is Shelley, a funny take on Godzilla – well, we don’t want to ruin the fun.  But what makes a great cartoon, horror movie, any movie isn’t the cool factor – its the characters and story line and both were a little one dimensional and not quite “fleshed” out.  As for the 3-D effect, it was vastly underutilized.

As soon as the lights went up, the first common question all four of us had was “who’s the audience?”.  This is a tough one.  For young children, there are upsetting scenes of a dog being hit by a car, death, a creature being impaled, among others.  Maybe teenagers.  Tim Burton fanatics.

We give it a “Two Paws” rating out of four.  Liked it, didn’t love it.  Let us know what you think.



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A Cat Lovers Destination in the Washington, D.C. Area

We cat lovers often get short shrift when it comes to finding destinations that cater to our finicky tastes. Recently, Norman and I took a drive that led to unexpected feline riches.

Living in the Piedmont region of northern Virginia, we’re within an easy drive of the Shenandoah Valley – but, even for those that live in the metro D.C. region, the Valley is a short hour’s drive west. Just a few minutes further down I-81 South is historic and charming Strasburg, Virginia. We’d planned our trip to revolve around a Friday night Farmer’s Market and dinner but came upon a beautiful art gallery called Ltd Prints.  Among all the locally produced, gorgeous art – everything from pottery to oils to mixed media, we found the “cat corner”.

Cat Corner at LTD Prints, Strasburg, VA

Amazing, fun, unique, whimsical art for feline fanciers!  But, that wasn’t all – there were these darling cards and handmade “Catnip Kits”, too!  Yummy!

Handmade Happy Cat Catnip Kit

Cute cat cards

After all the shopping and perusing, we were hungry.  All we had to do was cross the street to one of our favorite spots – Cristina’s Cafe.  If the weather permits, you’ll want to sit in the lovely outdoor garden area – surrounded by tropical and flowering plants, you’ll feel like you’re on a mini vacation.

Outside at Cristina’s Cafe, Strasburg, VA

Cristina’s is known for using local ingredients in everything from their baked goods to entrees.  Everything is delicious and there are always vegetarian options on the menu.  They serve a fine cup of java, as well as an eclectic beer and wine selection.  Not to mention Route 11 potato chips.  Be sure to save room for dessert – everything is housemade and ridiculously good. And, if you visit on a Friday during the season, you’re in extra luck.  There’s a Farmer’s Market in the adjoining parking lot from 6:00-8:00 PM.  You will find live native plants and a wide variety of produce and baked goods.  We were especially excited to find yellow and purple beans, shallots, and a friendly farmer with a recipe for them at one table.

On our return home, Cassie and Fred were especially happy to greet us.  Apparently, the catnip in the Kit is especially potent and we had to secure it in the pantry to keep them from overindulging!

Fred and Cassie chomping some ‘nip.

They were a little disappointed we didn’t bring this one home.

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