Our Farms

Our Farms

We take great care in choosing the farms and farmers who supply the ingredients of Pawgevity foods.

The produce is sourced from certified organic farms; including the farm that Alice Waters used for an Inaugural dinner in Washington that fed such luminaries as Martha Stewart and that Michelle Obama has purchased from for the First Family. No dangerous chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides mean the highest, safest nutritive values.

The farms who raise the animals for Pawgevity pet foods follow beyond organic standards; treating their animals with the utmost humane care and dignity. Our chickens and turkeys are truly pasture raised – enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and allowed to practice normal, healthy behaviors and obtain beneficial nutrients naturally using rotational grazing methods. They’re chemical free – no medicated feeds, no antibiotics, and no added growth hormones. Our lamb is 100% grass fed on pasture, chemical free, and never experience time on a feed lot or at auction. Minimal stress means a healthier animal, high in CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acid) – a potent anticarcinogen. Our farmers are predator friendly – utilizing alpacas, guardian dogs, llamas and fences instead of guns, traps and poisons to protect their livestock and crops.

Our foods are beyond organic and represent the highest level of farming and quality food production. You and your pets will recognize and appreciate the difference this attention to quality makes.