1 Easy Way to Celebrate Earth Day

So maybe Earth Day is a bit overdone.  Corporate greenwashing aside… let’s remember the original intent and spirit of the day that started 40 years ago today.

Remember, rejuvenate, revive, renew – all these ‘r’ words are popping to mind.  It all comes back to reconnecting and recommitting to the earth.  So here’s an idea.

Turn off your computer.  Unplug it.  Just walk away.  Really.  You can do it.  It’ll be OK.  And let’s leave our Crackberries and INeedItPhones behind while we’re at it.

Grab your best friend – your cat, dog, spouse, child, whomever.  Get outside.  Walk.  Kick your shoes off and feel the cool April soil.  Plant something.  Roll down a hill.  Stare at the clouds.  Watch an ant.  Pick up some trash – even if you didn’t put it there.  Stay out of the car.  Sometimes it’s the little things.

Signing off.  What are you going to do today?

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