Introduction to “The Latest Dish!” from Pawgevity™

I’m very excited to finally get my blog up and running so I can join in all the great online discussion within the animal caregiver community.  My goal is to use “The Latest Dish!” as an informal community meeting place for cat and dog caregivers where you can see your stories, find helpful information and overall better the experience and privilege of sharing your home with these wonderful animals.

While furthering the revolution of feeding raw, I have the opportunity to attend many shows and events where we meet a lot of great people and their pets.  These are wonderful learning experiences and I’m hoping to share many of these experiences through “The Latest Dish!”.   We will also be sharing resources, answering questions, posting community news and explaining the value and techniques for feeding raw through the blog.

What a great use of technology when you can reach out to an international community and share with people who, like us, are passionate about their cats and dogs.  We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully even meeting you at one of the events we attend or at stores that carry Pawgevity™ pet food.

All the best,

Carole King

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