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“Pawgevity is the Best!”

Patience and Nancy

“I thought it would be, and you did not disappoint…The dogs loved it, of course, and the good news is that so did the cat. She can refuse chicken sometimes; she is a real turkey lover. I know your turkey is seasonal and limited, but maybe I will be able to get some for her sometime.

I have been raw feeding for 12 years, and have tried lots of brands, besides making some myself every once in a while. Yours is the freshest and has the great meat sources. I was so impressed with how the bowls rinsed squeaky-clean, even the lamb. Sometimes the fat sort of congeals, but this rinsed clean with just hot water, before I even added soap. Somehow, I take this as a great sign — well, as you say, it is all in the quality ingredients.

…I am so excited about Pawgevity.”

Sherry S.

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A Happy New Beginning for a Diabetic Cat

Cats and dogs don’t have to suffer from diabetes.

“My diabetic cat has been on your product and has done a 180. He’s gained weight, is happy again, and his blood sugar levels are within normal range now! Awesome.”
Heather, Warrenton, Virginia

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Bobby the Corgi!

“My Cardigan Welsh Corgi Bobby is a lean, mean, sheepherding machine and Pawgevity helps him stay that way. He loves the Pawgevity Lamb and I love the way it keeps him healthy. Many thanks to Carole and Norman for this great food!”
Claire Ward, Washington, D.C.

Many thanks to you, Claire! That Bobby’s a beauty!

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This is What It’s All About

“I saw an article about your cat food in the Fredericksburg area Free Lance Star. I was very interested in your product from the minute I read about “Pawgevity™”.
I have a SENIOR cat and his health was declining. He was eating but he was throwing up with every meal.

I drove all the way from Stafford to Warrenton to buy my first few
Containers of your cat food. From day one his health improved.
He was completely tolerant of the new food.

Our days of spot cleaning the carpet are over.

We now purchase your “Pawgevity™” for our cat at the
Animal Wellness Center here in Stafford. It is only a 15 min. drive thru the countryside from my house. Our cat and our family like your produce so much that I would have continued driving 1 hour to get the cat food after I tried it.

Thank you for caring.

Barbara Lucas
A very satisfied customer.”

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Two Million Dogs

This is a guest post from Sheryl Bottner.

Coming home a couple of days ago I found an envelope in my mailbox from Mina’s regular vets. My first thought, considering the week-in-hell I’m having, was: “…, did I forget to pay a bill or something?” I was wrong, of course, because inside was a nice note from Dr. Nolan and a flier for a cause very near to my heart. As I read the flier I told Mina about it and, of course, I cried.

Luke Robinson lost his beloved canine Malcolm to osteosarcoma in 2006. Since then Luke is on a mission to raise awareness about canine cancer and its similarities with human cancer. His mode of communication is to walk with his two dogs, Hudson and Murphy, from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts.

“On June 19, join Luke, Hudson and Murphy as they walk the final mile into Boston. This will be a day of celebration, remembrance, thanksgiving, and reflection as they commemorate the remarkable, historic journey of 2 Dogs 2000 Miles and inaugurate our new vision, 2 Million Dogs – Partners for a New Hope in Cancer Research. To learn more about this historic journey, to donate or to find out more about the events planned for Boston, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.”

Luke and the boys have a blog where you can follow along on their journey. The started from Austin in March 2008 and will finish in Boston on June 18, 2010. The next phase of the project is 2 Million Dogs, “a 501 C (3) organization who relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help us in our mission to eradicate cancer through investing in comparative oncology studies.’

2 Million Dogs has donated funds to support the following institutions and organizations; Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center, Texas A&M Imaging and Cancer Center, and Tufts University Harrington Oncology Program and Morris Animal Foundation.” There’s a widget on the site where you can pledge to be part of 2 Million Dogs walking for cancer, details will be available as the site grows.

I salute Luke’s efforts to raise awareness about canine cancer and to raise funds for better treatment research. Please donate if you can. There’s also some really cute “Puppy Up!” gear to be had, too.

Sheryl Bottner is a professional nerd, passionate about wildlife and
environmental protection, farm sanctuary volunteer, who believes vegan
is The Way, and Virginia wine is better than yours. She is Mina’s
devoted human companion and misses Mina more than anyone can imagine.

I’ve always been an animal lover, I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years
and a more-ethical-by-the-day vegan since 2002, but getting actively
involved with animal rights and wildlife conservation started with a
wee baby panda named Tai Shan.

Things sort of snowballed from there and I thought that writing a blog
would reach a few more people than just my close friends and that led
to learning about all sorts of other people who devote their lives to
wildlife protection, environmental conservation, animal rights
activism, you name it. I’m still learning and I hope to learn more
every day. My Dad used to tell me that I come from a long line of
“late bloomers.” I guess it doesn’t matter when you find your passion
in life, as long as you find it.”

– Sheryl

Please Do Not Tap On the Glass:
Miss Mina Bean’s Memorial Blog:

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What job would your dog have?

This is a guest post from Margaret Bishop.

I pay close attention to my dogs. I notice little things such as which is the favorite toy this week and who has claimed the most comfortable bed for the night. I have conversations with them where they each respond in different voices and with their own attitudes and verbal tics. (these take place all in my head, I’m that crazy) I think about them, talk about them and observe them. But when I took my female pointer to an acupuncturist and at the conclusion of a long series of questions about her temperament, likes, dislikes, sociability, he asked, “If she were a person, what would her job be?” I was stumped. I had never thought about her having a job. I had never imagined her working on a resume, going back to night school to get an advanced degree, engaging in an illicit office romance and taking personal days. I had no idea what her job would be.

I had been talking about how attentive and kind she is to my emotionally disturbed, special needs spaniel, so I stammered out something about how she might be a social worker, a sort of tightly wound, OCD sort of social worker.

I started thinking about it for all of my dogs. I asked other people. After the initial bewilderment, everyone usually came up with an answer. One friend said that her male corgi would be a policeman, not very bright, probably prejudiced; her female corgi would be a psychologist in flowing skirts and Birkenstocks and her male labradoodle would be a figure skater with lots of sequined outfits. Another friend said that her Border collie mix would be a night shift security guard. Someone’s Jack Russell would be a restaurant critic or maybe mayor of a small town. There was also a sheriff of a small town (another terrier), a country lawyer who works as little as possible and a Baywatch-type lifeguard (both Boykin Spaniels), and a Walmart greeter (a pitbull). Of my sisters, one has a nanny, one has a professional basketball player and one has a retired middle school principal.

For the rest of my pack, I decided the terrier is VP of a large medical device company that is defrauding the government; or maybe he owns a string of pawn shops. The pointer is actually in the military, she might fly fighter jets. She would excel at all the physical challenges, but would need some extra help with her astrophysics classes. The spaniel mix is a science professor at a small, rural university. He spends weekends in his laboratory and runs five miles every day in a pair of New Balance running shoes he has owned since the 70’s. The special needs spaniel? He does yard work at the half way house where he lives and collects disability.

What sort of job would your dog have?

Margaret Bishop is a writer living in Northern Virginia with her four unemployed dogs.

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Rhys, The Picky Eater from Bark!

Last summer Norman and I spent a lot of time traveling in our camper with our animal family and participating in pet-friendly events all over DC, Maryland and Virginia.  We met a bunch of great pets and their people, many of them learning about the concept of feeding raw for the very first time.

Of course, one important aspect of demonstrating any healthy food product is the taste.  We work long and hard making sure our animal customers love the taste of the Pawgevity™ formulas, using only the finest, freshest, pure ingredients.  At the Charlottesville Albermarle Kennel Club show in Charlottesville, VA we were approached by Kelli Rosenberg, the General Manager of the Bark! Natural pet stores in Clarksville and Olney, MD.  Accompanying Kelli was Rhys, a Standard Poodle, and notoriously picky eater.

Kelli quickly threw down the gauntlet when she stated that Rhys was a very picky eater and would probably not eat the food that we were demonstrating that day.  She jokingly stated that if Rhys liked the Pawgevity™ formulas, she would consider carrying our product line in her stores.

In closing I’ll say that Bark! has been a partner retailer of Pawgevity™ for ten months!  Rhys loves the food.  He has been a Pawgevity™ dog since last summer and is doing great.  We look to Rhys and Kelli’s French Bulldog as official taste testers for our new Pawgevity™ formulas!

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