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How to Join Our Local Buyers’ Club

Pawgevity Frozen Formulas and Chewz

Pawgevity Frozen Formulas and Chewz

We’re pleased to announce our new “Pawgevity Pick Up” service for our local customers.  Here’s how you do it.

1.  Place your order by e-mailing [email protected] – we will need your name, phone number, what you’re ordering, and when you’ll be picking up.  You can also call your order in to 540.364.3676.  Please note:  we will generally need 24 hours notice. 

2.  You will receive confirmation, payment total, and directions to our homequarters.

3.  Your order will be marked and waiting your arrival.  All pick ups are COD – cash or check.  If you’d like to charge to your credit card, we’ll collect that info over the phone prior to pick up.

We have frozen inventory as well as our dehydrated Chewz treats on hand so call in your order today.

Frozen Formulas are $6.75/lb tub.

Chewz treats are $6.50/bag.

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Pawgevity Thanks You

“If I’ve done my best, I’ve done all I can”.

In April 2009, we launched our dream – Chow Now Pet Food – with the goal of changing the way the world feeds their pets. This has been a very personal and all consuming quest.   The seed of thought germinated way back in 2001 and finally came to fruition – bringing the highest quality, most ethical food for cats and dogs to the marketplace. Be the best or go home, or something like that.  And you embraced us.  Last year, we caught the “attention” of a major corporation that happens to make pet food and were “encouraged” to change our name to Pawgevity – Food for Pets.

There is no easy way to say this.  Due to recent substantial increases in our production costs, we have come to a crossroads.  In order to be sustainable, our only choice would be to lower our ingredient costs – which would mean lowering our standards.  We knew we couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do this, but nevertheless it has been a gut wrenching, heart wrenching decision.

We didn’t give in.  And we haven’t given up.  Pawgevity as you know it is shutting down production.  The current inventory in retail stores is the last of our products.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re deeply sorry for all of our loyal customers out there.  It really breaks our heart.

Over the past three years we’ve met hundreds, thousands of wonderful people and many of your furry family members.  We’ve given to animal charitable organizations, even when we’ve had little to give.  We’ve heard from you that Pawgevity has changed the lives of your animals, and restored their health and these stories have made all the difference.

We would like to thank you all personally.  All of the independent retailers who believed in us, supported us, and made space in your freezers and on your shelves for a little upstart of a company.  Our many customers and supporters – many of you told us you would never have considered raw – you also believed in us and were willing to try something new if it meant improving the lives of your cats and dogs.  Our production team – without you, there wouldn’t have been a Chow Now or Pawgevity.  Our design and consulting teams – you gave us our look and feel. Our family and friends that have contributed in so many ways – volunteering your time, expertise, lending an ear, forgiving us for missing so many life events, and talking up Pawgevity to anyone and everyone, at every opportunity. And, especially, Norman – without whom none of this would have ever happened – thank you from all of the animals!

Thank you all for contributing to the Pawgevity real raw revolution.

We’re not saying goodbye.  We’re saying see you later.  We’ll be maintaining our presence on the web and continuing our community.  We’ll be assessing where to go from here.  And we’ll keep you up to date along the way.  Pawgevity Unleashed!

“The only constant is change”. – Heraclitus


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Variety is the Key (Answer to a Recently Asked Question)

Recently Asked Question:
“I opened a container and it looked different than the last one. It had a darkish layer on top. Is it OK to feed?”

The short answer is yes, it’s OK to feed.

The longer answer is why there’s variation in color and appearance from batch to batch.

Pawgevity is an artisanal food. That means it’s made in small batches. Although the ingredients and amounts remain the same from production run to production run, there will always be differences in appearance – some more noticeable than others.

Fresh produce sometimes contains more moisture, particularly if picked after a rainfall. It will also vary in color – for instance, one of the leafy greens we use is Swiss chard. Sometimes it’s rainbow chard, which, when pureed and mixed with all the other produce, tends to get very dark. Beet greens are gorgeous vibrant colors before pureeing – after, not so much!

Sometimes, the more moisture filled produce leads to a “wetter” mix. When frozen, some of that mix will rise to the top and sides of containers – thus the darkish layer.

Batches vary in color and appearance.

There can also be a difference in appearance and color of animal meats from one run to another – depending on time of year and breeds. Since we don’t chemically treat our foods in any way (remember the recent “pink slime” story?), they won’t always look exactly the same – uniformity doesn’t exist in the natural world.

Thanks for asking!

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We Celebrate Earth Day – Every Day – at Pawgevity

At Pawgevity, we make a conscious effort daily to lower our impact on the planet while producing and getting our foods to you. This is not a marketing ploy. It’s what we personally believe in. Here’s some of how we do it.

We source ALL of our ingredients locally and directly from small farms here in Virginia. Ingredients aren’t being trucked from across country or even other countries, across sea and land.

Our farms are certified organic and beyond organic; not industrialized, factory farms. Farms that raise their animals naturally on pasture; not GMO feeds, in crowded and inhumane conditions. Farms that grow their crops organically, without the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Clean, green, sustainable farms.

Butterflies grazing on natural, no spray gardens

Zero waste in production. Our produce trimmings are turned into clean compost, which in turn nurtures a next generation of produce. All animal parts that we can’t use, either due to regulations or choice, go to rendering (ironically, some may end up in lesser pet foods. At least we know THAT ingredient is safe.)

We don’t “overmanufacture”. Our production runs are relatively small and we run lean – meaning we don’t have a lot of inventory sitting in freezer for a long period of time before it gets out to the stores. Fresher/faster and less electricity used storing it.

We consolidate our deliveries. We deliver every two weeks, not every week, and plan our delivery routes carefully to minimize gas expenditure.

We reuse our delivery totes. Over and over and over again, indefinitely – they don’t end up in landfills. No cardboard boxes.

Our food containers are reusable (for home use) and recyclable. We encourage reuse of them prior to recycling and are even holding a contest through midnight EST on 4/29/12 asking our customers to post on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail with their creative reuse ideas (photos, if possible). When recycled, they’re being made into all kinds of great products, by companies like Preserve that produce plates, toothbrushes and more.

Minimal waste in consumption. Because our foods are highly bioavailable, there is very little “waste” from the “end” consumer. Good food in = less “poop”.

Our offices are run clean and lean – we use natural sunlight as much as possible for heating and light and CFL bulbs when we need to supplement our lighting. Opening our windows provides fresh air and a cooling effect as needed. We are planning indoor plantings to naturally clean the air further. Environmentally friendly cleaners are employed. Our printed material is done on recycled content paper, approved by FSC.

We’re constantly striving to do better for you and for the generations that follow us. Earth Day, every day.

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Eat Your Fruits and Veggies! For Cats and Dogs, too. Another RAQ.

Recently Asked Question (RAQ):

“Wow, why all the veggies? What percentage of the food is plant matter? I’d rather see more meat and less veggies. :)”.

Our Answer:

Glad you asked.

Actually, the list is long and it may seem like a lot of produce but it’s a small percentage of the actual food ratio. Each ingredient provides a very important benefit.

Our Cat Formulas are 90% protein/10% produce.
Our Dog Formulas are 80% protein/20% produce.

The produce plays an important part in ensuring that the animals get phytonutrients and other essential nutrients from whole foods – as opposed to adding synthetic vitamins, minerals and inappropriate ingredients.

Cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs are opportunistic omnivore/carnivores. It has been observed, by scientists and those in the field, that both wild and domesticated cats and dogs “graze” when given the opportunity – most all of us have seen cats and dogs chomping on grasses, goodies in the vegetable garden, and fallen fruit. They are self healers and will eat what their bodies need, when left to their own devices. When they down herbivorous prey, they often go for the stomach contents first – which contain ground produce.

All of our Formulas have been carefully formulated and approved and are recommended, fed, and sold by wholistic vets very knowledgeable in nutrition and with decades of experience with raw feeding, in particular.

What’s your animal’s favorite produce?

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It’s Not OK. A Rant About the Pet Food Industry.

It’s not OK.

I’m angry.
Hopping mad, really.

Note that these “warnings” began to be issued in 2007. AND they’re still continuing.

Do you remember 2007?

Thousands of cats and dogs died due to tainted pet food and treats. Apparently, the massive pet food recalls and deaths that year weren’t enough to quell the continued corporate greed of many manufacturers.

I remember attending my first major “pet food industry” conference as events were unfolding in 2007. A common refrain that I could not get out of my head was “we didn’t know what to test for”. All I could think was, as long as these manufacturers continue to source ingredients from around the globe as well as from industrial/factory farms, there will always be a threat to our pets’ food safety. It seemed that it was just a matter of time until this could, and would, happen again. And they’d be repeating that same chorus. I wasn’t willing to let them roll the dice.

It’s not OK.

It served to bolster the decision I’d already made that there would be no compromising our foods or treats. I already no longer felt comfortable or confident feeding or recommending the pet foods on the market. The status quo just wasn’t working. And still isn’t. Many of these same companies continue to claim that they “love” animals and that they feed their foods to their own pets. Shameful. What they’re really doing is sourcing the cheapest ingredients to gain the largest profit. And some even have the nerve to put “Made in the USA” on their packaging. Doesn’t matter where it’s made if even ONE ingredient comes from outside of the U.S. Or from factory farms. Period.

That’s why we were compelled to launch Pawgevity. So that someone would offer foods and treats with ingredients you can trust. For Pawgevity, it’s critical that every ingredient comes from small local farms we know and is 100% traceable. Farms that take great pride in bringing you safe and wholesome, organically raised and grown animals and produce. It’s not easy and it’s not the “cheapest” way.

But anything less is simply not acceptable for our, and your, companions. We are all responsible for their health and well being.

Our animals don’t have a choice. They’re completely dependent on us.

We know you, as Pawgevity revolutionaries, already get it.

It’s frustrating how many more don’t.

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Detox – It’s a Good Thing

In the process of transitioning your cat or dog to Pawgevity™?

You may be noticing what seem like strange symptoms.  These are most prevalent in animals that have been fed a dry diet exclusively prior to transition.

Runny eyes, bad breath, odiferous skin, dull and shedding fur, a little lethargy, perhaps some itching, smelly urine.  These are actually to be expected.  It’s called the Detoxification Process.  All of the chemical and other toxins that have built up in your companions body are, in essence, working their way out through the organs of elimination.  Their body is self healing, “detoxing”.  Through their pores, in their stools and urine.  If you’re taking it slow, it will be less evident as far as loose stools.

This can take several weeks, depending on their metabolism and the speed of transition.  And then… glistening eyes, soft and pretty fur (did you know shiny fur is not necessarily a sign of good health – we’ll delve further into this in a future post).  No more nasty smell.  More energy.  Significantly smaller poops and they’ll have a chalky, calcified appearance and dry up very quickly – that’s normal and has to do with the real bone content.  A Really good thing!  Urine output will be significantly more voluminous, particularly in cats that were formerly in a dehydrated state.  Another Really good thing!

Yes, detox is a Good Thing!  Share your experiences and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Pawgevity™ Transitioning Tips for Finicky Felines and Choosy Canines

  • Remove all dry food (cold turkey – cats become addicted to kibble shapes and sprayed on palatants and need to be weaned off).  No free feeding (leaving food out).
  • Mix a pea size amount of Pawgevity™ with their most delectable favorite wet food – tuna in water or sardines in olive oil work really well with most cats.  This is only short term, until transitioned.  You can also crumble our Chewz on top if they’re used to “crunchies”.
  • Leave down for no more than five minutes.  What doesn’t get eaten goes in the fridge.  You can warm up with hot water mixed in for the next offering.
  • Feed only two times per day, unless you have a diabetic.
  • Once they’ve accepted, start adding a teeny bit more Pawgevity™ and take away the equivalent amount of the wet food at each meal.  Make sure that the food is served at room temperature by leaving out for a few minutes before serving or mixing in a small amount of hot water.  You can even start by sautéeing lightly on top of the stove (no oil needed) – let cool before serving.  Cats “eat with their noses” and need to be able to smell their food.
  • If there are any signs of diarrhea or gastrointestinal issues, go back to the pea size amount added.
  • Multi-cat households:  sometimes a hesitant cat will try something new if she sees another cat eating it.  Long term it’s best to separate cats during feeding so everyone can eat at their own pace.  Once fully transitioned, that will be lightning speed!
  • IMPORTANT:  don’t let a cat go more than two days without eating.  However, a hungry cat is a more receptive cat.
  • This video will help guide you

  • Patience and perseverance on your part will lead to success – we promise!
  • Share your tips with us!
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Because of You

Because of you,

Cats and dogs are thriving and being healed through proper nutrition.  You’re helping Pawgevity™ to provide the best food available for your animals.  As opposed to our competitors that are importing meats, utilizing factory farms, incorporating bizarre novel trendy ingredients that are of no benefit, touting “raw” when they’re irradiated or pasteurized, and other questionable practices.

In addition, you’re supporting those small family farmers here in Virginia that are doing it right – bringing us the best, healthiest, safest and truly humanely raised ingredients.

You’re also supporting your local independent retailers and small businesses, as opposed to the ubiquitous “big boxes”.

Because of you,

We were able to donate food to sick cats at Caring for Creatures.

We were able to make contributions of time and/or money to many worthy animal and human animal organizations, including:

Animal Advocates of Howard County, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club Foundation, Fauquier SPCA, GulfAid, Feline Nutrition Education Society, Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg, Middleburg Humane Foundation and the Montgomery County Humane Society.

All of this, BECAUSE OF YOU.

Our very special thanks also go out to our tireless family and friends that have volunteered their time to assist us in our passion.

Our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you all!  Hope to see you out there on the Real Raw Revolution trail!

Carole, Norman and the Pawgevity™ Crew

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Rhys, The Picky Eater from Bark!

Last summer Norman and I spent a lot of time traveling in our camper with our animal family and participating in pet-friendly events all over DC, Maryland and Virginia.  We met a bunch of great pets and their people, many of them learning about the concept of feeding raw for the very first time.

Of course, one important aspect of demonstrating any healthy food product is the taste.  We work long and hard making sure our animal customers love the taste of the Pawgevity™ formulas, using only the finest, freshest, pure ingredients.  At the Charlottesville Albermarle Kennel Club show in Charlottesville, VA we were approached by Kelli Rosenberg, the General Manager of the Bark! Natural pet stores in Clarksville and Olney, MD.  Accompanying Kelli was Rhys, a Standard Poodle, and notoriously picky eater.

Kelli quickly threw down the gauntlet when she stated that Rhys was a very picky eater and would probably not eat the food that we were demonstrating that day.  She jokingly stated that if Rhys liked the Pawgevity™ formulas, she would consider carrying our product line in her stores.

In closing I’ll say that Bark! has been a partner retailer of Pawgevity™ for ten months!  Rhys loves the food.  He has been a Pawgevity™ dog since last summer and is doing great.  We look to Rhys and Kelli’s French Bulldog as official taste testers for our new Pawgevity™ formulas!

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