Pawgevity™ Transitioning Tips for Finicky Felines and Choosy Canines

  • Remove all dry food (cold turkey – cats become addicted to kibble shapes and sprayed on palatants and need to be weaned off).  No free feeding (leaving food out).
  • Mix a pea size amount of Pawgevity™ with their most delectable favorite wet food – tuna in water or sardines in olive oil work really well with most cats.  This is only short term, until transitioned.  You can also crumble our Chewz on top if they’re used to “crunchies”.
  • Leave down for no more than five minutes.  What doesn’t get eaten goes in the fridge.  You can warm up with hot water mixed in for the next offering.
  • Feed only two times per day, unless you have a diabetic.
  • Once they’ve accepted, start adding a teeny bit more Pawgevity™ and take away the equivalent amount of the wet food at each meal.  Make sure that the food is served at room temperature by leaving out for a few minutes before serving or mixing in a small amount of hot water.  You can even start by sautéeing lightly on top of the stove (no oil needed) – let cool before serving.  Cats “eat with their noses” and need to be able to smell their food.
  • If there are any signs of diarrhea or gastrointestinal issues, go back to the pea size amount added.
  • Multi-cat households:  sometimes a hesitant cat will try something new if she sees another cat eating it.  Long term it’s best to separate cats during feeding so everyone can eat at their own pace.  Once fully transitioned, that will be lightning speed!
  • IMPORTANT:  don’t let a cat go more than two days without eating.  However, a hungry cat is a more receptive cat.
  • This video will help guide you

  • Patience and perseverance on your part will lead to success – we promise!
  • Share your tips with us!
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