Detox – It’s a Good Thing

In the process of transitioning your cat or dog to Pawgevity™?

You may be noticing what seem like strange symptoms.  These are most prevalent in animals that have been fed a dry diet exclusively prior to transition.

Runny eyes, bad breath, odiferous skin, dull and shedding fur, a little lethargy, perhaps some itching, smelly urine.  These are actually to be expected.  It’s called the Detoxification Process.  All of the chemical and other toxins that have built up in your companions body are, in essence, working their way out through the organs of elimination.  Their body is self healing, “detoxing”.  Through their pores, in their stools and urine.  If you’re taking it slow, it will be less evident as far as loose stools.

This can take several weeks, depending on their metabolism and the speed of transition.  And then… glistening eyes, soft and pretty fur (did you know shiny fur is not necessarily a sign of good health – we’ll delve further into this in a future post).  No more nasty smell.  More energy.  Significantly smaller poops and they’ll have a chalky, calcified appearance and dry up very quickly – that’s normal and has to do with the real bone content.  A Really good thing!  Urine output will be significantly more voluminous, particularly in cats that were formerly in a dehydrated state.  Another Really good thing!

Yes, detox is a Good Thing!  Share your experiences and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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