“Flooding, Farmers and Appreciation”

Mother Nature at work – first the blizzards.  And now raging waters.  Our already hardworking family farmers are on triple time.

Friday I was picking up produce at the Farm at Sunnyside in (little) Washington, VA,  for our next production run.  The country lane leading to the farm crosses a picturesque stream.  The rain was steady and the lane was already barely passable.  Our farmer friends at Sunnyside already had their contingency plan in action – packing their cooler truck for the Sunday Dupont Circle Farmers Market.  After an already long and physically exhausting day, they were getting ready to head out – two days early – to drive over an hour to DC before the road would be too dangerous to navigate.

All to get their beautiful local produce to us – their hungry customers.  That’s dedication!

And that’s just one story of many.  Kudos to all of our family farmers out there that are going the extra mile – moving their livestock to higher ground, shoring up barns for safety, monitoring their animals around the clock during the busy spring birthing season, and on.

We salute you – more than a profession, farming is a noble life.

March 14-20 is Virginia Agriculture Week.  Please take a minute to thank a farmer for all they do for us or if you’d like to send a comment here we’ll make sure our farmer friends see it.  Small family farms provide not only safe, nutritious food for the table (and our pets’ bowls), but textiles for our backs, firewood and building materials to keep us warm and sheltered, plants to beautify and enhance our landscapes, and so much more.

And thank all of you out there for your support – without you, our partner farms cannot survive and they appreciate your business.

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