Back to the Beginning

Junior and Mindy have been with us a week now! Their first night home we mixed a very few pieces of their kibble with Pawgevity Chicken Formula, cooked. We decided to take the conservative course as they’ve had so many changes in their lives recently. Overnight and the next morning, there were no signs of digestive upset.

As of their next meal, we nixed the kibble altogether. In the past week, they’ve had cooked Pawgevity only, carefully measured prior to sauteing. We’ve switched it up randomly between Chicken and Lamb Formulas, with no detrimental effects.

Junior in Detox (and Sleeping Soundly)

We’ve seen a humongous difference in their stools – quite literally, when it comes to size (sorry, no pictures). Both dogs seem to be gaining energy. And they’re still detoxing, that’s for sure – but not on the extreme end. Their mild detox symptoms range from runny eyes to Mindy exhibiting a limited amount of paw licking. We’re quite pleased with their progress.

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