Variety is the Key (Answer to a Recently Asked Question)

Recently Asked Question:
“I opened a container and it looked different than the last one. It had a darkish layer on top. Is it OK to feed?”

The short answer is yes, it’s OK to feed.

The longer answer is why there’s variation in color and appearance from batch to batch.

Pawgevity is an artisanal food. That means it’s made in small batches. Although the ingredients and amounts remain the same from production run to production run, there will always be differences in appearance – some more noticeable than others.

Fresh produce sometimes contains more moisture, particularly if picked after a rainfall. It will also vary in color – for instance, one of the leafy greens we use is Swiss chard. Sometimes it’s rainbow chard, which, when pureed and mixed with all the other produce, tends to get very dark. Beet greens are gorgeous vibrant colors before pureeing – after, not so much!

Sometimes, the more moisture filled produce leads to a “wetter” mix. When frozen, some of that mix will rise to the top and sides of containers – thus the darkish layer.

Batches vary in color and appearance.

There can also be a difference in appearance and color of animal meats from one run to another – depending on time of year and breeds. Since we don’t chemically treat our foods in any way (remember the recent “pink slime” story?), they won’t always look exactly the same – uniformity doesn’t exist in the natural world.

Thanks for asking!

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