Eat Your Fruits and Veggies! For Cats and Dogs, too. Another RAQ.

Recently Asked Question (RAQ):

“Wow, why all the veggies? What percentage of the food is plant matter? I’d rather see more meat and less veggies. :)”.

Our Answer:

Glad you asked.

Actually, the list is long and it may seem like a lot of produce but it’s a small percentage of the actual food ratio. Each ingredient provides a very important benefit.

Our Cat Formulas are 90% protein/10% produce.
Our Dog Formulas are 80% protein/20% produce.

The produce plays an important part in ensuring that the animals get phytonutrients and other essential nutrients from whole foods – as opposed to adding synthetic vitamins, minerals and inappropriate ingredients.

Cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs are opportunistic omnivore/carnivores. It has been observed, by scientists and those in the field, that both wild and domesticated cats and dogs “graze” when given the opportunity – most all of us have seen cats and dogs chomping on grasses, goodies in the vegetable garden, and fallen fruit. They are self healers and will eat what their bodies need, when left to their own devices. When they down herbivorous prey, they often go for the stomach contents first – which contain ground produce.

All of our Formulas have been carefully formulated and approved and are recommended, fed, and sold by wholistic vets very knowledgeable in nutrition and with decades of experience with raw feeding, in particular.

What’s your animal’s favorite produce?

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