“Pawgevity is the Best!”

Patience and Nancy

“I thought it would be, and you did not disappoint…The dogs loved it, of course, and the good news is that so did the cat. She can refuse chicken sometimes; she is a real turkey lover. I know your turkey is seasonal and limited, but maybe I will be able to get some for her sometime.

I have been raw feeding for 12 years, and have tried lots of brands, besides making some myself every once in a while. Yours is the freshest and has the great meat sources. I was so impressed with how the bowls rinsed squeaky-clean, even the lamb. Sometimes the fat sort of congeals, but this rinsed clean with just hot water, before I even added soap. Somehow, I take this as a great sign — well, as you say, it is all in the quality ingredients.

…I am so excited about Pawgevity.”

Sherry S.

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